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Is Success Good?

Published by Matt Hicks under , on Tuesday, June 19, 2007
I know that seems like a strange question to ask, but it's one I often ask myself. In many ways I've been extremely successful throughout my life, and it occurs to me that many of those successes were good successes, and many of them were bad successes. Most of the time it's easy to tell the difference. Sometimes, however, it's very difficult to discern.

I've been feeling this way recently regarding jSeamless. I believe it's one of the greatest development endeavors of my life thus far and have no intention of abandoning it, but it is now beginning to develop a following of users, which is great, but the majority of these users simply use the API and then post when something is missing or broken. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with this, but I'm getting extremely bogged down with providing functionality for these users instead of them helping and committing to the project themselves. I believe in the long-run it will get better and eventually I'll have some strong developers that are willing to help. For now though, it's draining to spend all day at work writing code to support them, and then coming home and writing code to support the jSeamless community.

I guess a project has to catch on at its own pace, I just wish there were more people interested in helping. jSeamless is becoming a large project and I'm just one person. I often brag about how much this one person can do, but I realize as well as anyone that my limitations are definitely there.


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