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Java Delegates

Published by Matt Hicks under , , , , on Tuesday, July 01, 2008
If you're searching the internet for the title of this post you'll see a lot of people ranting about how Java doesn't have Delegate support. Though I have been one of these people, and continue to be frustrated that there is no native solution, that is not the purpose of this post.

I write this to say I've created what I would consider to be a pretty clean alternative to native delegates in Java using reflection. I created this as a feature in jSeamless and have been using it heavily for a while, but after a few people asking about support in non-jSeamless applications for my friendly Delegate support I decided I would remove it from jSeamless and make it a stand-alone API that anyone can use.

The Delegate implementation I find myself using more than anything else is MethodDelegate. It provides the ability to reference a specific method on a specific object that can be invoked. For example: